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The GOAT Digital Printing Press – The HP Indigo

We’re constantly talking about our flexibility, our quick turnarounds, and our high-quality labels. But, we would be remiss if we didn’t pay proper respect to the “man behind the curtain”, the technology that allows us to get things done (and provide industry-best quality), the HP Indigo 6000 series digital printing presses.

The HP Indigo WS6600 & WS6800 Digital Presses

These presses are no joke, and they deliver results that other machines simply cannot match. We’ve been printing with Indigos since 2003 and they have served us well by increasing quality, decreasing costs, and making efficiency part of our brand DNA. Here are three reasons we believe in the power of Indigo printing.

Color Quality

The HP Indigo WS6600 and WS6800 digital presses can achieve up to 98% of all PANTONE colors, allowing us to reach virtually any spot color using standard CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). This allows us to accurately create your custom colors without additional fees for specific inks. Color and image quality is unparalleled, even where photography is concerned. This is due to the Indigo’s proprietary ElectroInk, which is a much smaller ink molecule than most digital print engines use, and thus allows for a much higher degree of definition. From the first label on the press to the last one printed, every label is identical,  assuring your label will look exactly the same every time you order.


We take full advantage of the flexibility and speed of the Indigo presses. Our all-digital printing process allows us to guarantee a rapid turnaround (3-5 business days) and avoid costly plate charges and setups. From thick, textured papers to thin plastic films we can print on a huge selection of different materials. The ElectroInk technology combines the best aspects of traditional offset printing and digital techniques, a hybrid that delivers superior quality at much smaller volumes. From a small batch or seasonal rum, to a run of 100,000 labels, our presses are as scalable and adaptable as your business!


We offer best-in-class, high quality labels that don’t necessarily include a high-end price tag. Because our Indigo presses guarantee efficiency, and don’t involve the use of plates or setup charges that increase price and lengthen lead times, your costs are kept to a minimum, allowing you to save your hard earned money.

(Bonus!) Sustainability

HP Indigo Presses are environmentally friendly. From the longevity of the equipment to the precision of the printing itself, this technology was devised to minimize waste and maximize productivity. Indigo presses don’t require the damaging solvents necessary in flexographic and lithographic printing techniques.

We’re proud of our HP Indigo digital presses. Just as important as our incredible and dedicated team members, they’re the trusty partners that help us to deliver the quality labels and the quick turnarounds you expect from Blue Label. Let us show you the difference. Get in touch with our crew of experienced printers today! We’ll start the presses and get you on your way.